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Hi, I am Sudarshan, a freelance/individual software development consultant from pune, doing my offshore work through registered business SUPRA TECHNOFORCE, INDIA.

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Why Me ?

You have a great idea & want to convert into an amazing app ? There are lots of software companies & tons of freelancers. Companies usually charge some illogical lumsum amounts to recover their infrastructure expenses.
But what about freelancing idea... ,are freelancers reliable & comitted ?
Well, you can rely on me. I can try to live your idea & involve passionately.Most importantly, I quote charges with deeper effort calculation.
I accept the work only when I can follow the deadline. Also I assure quality,security & memory efficiency of coding I do.

For me, its not a typical cheap market freelancing, where illogically cheaper apps get developed with lot of hidden bugs, unhandled scenarios & incompleteness due to poor understanding of requirements. These things are generally faced after you have already paid the valuable time & money. Nobody want their product like that.

Just assign your work to me, then sit back & relax. I will make it best with my 9+ years of experience in android app development.

  • Dependibility
  • Affordable Charges
  • 9+ years of experience
  • Respect for you idea & passionate involvement.


I can work on technical design of your system, so that we can hire developers (programmers, designers) & get it developed. My role will be a team leader/software architect.

Android Apps

App development using official Android software development kit

Web Backend Services

Backend Web Services, APIs For Android/iOS App.

Manage Hosting

Manage hosting for you with Virtual Private Server

Few Of My Works

I have developed many enterprise solutions for various domains like daily job Scheduling with enterprise management, school management, supply chain domain,healthcare, government records digitalization, book keeping, reward programs, event management. Provided end to end business solutions for most startups & mnc. Also worked for Pune Municipal Corporation's smart city apps.

Pune In My Pocket


Pune Darshan Official App

Airport Bus Timetable

Pune Darshan Official App

App Features


The Online Menu Card


The Online Menu Card

Intelligent Book Keeper

Expense Records

Intelligent Book Keeper

Add Expense

Club Event App

View & Attend Event at Club RH5

Ticket Scanner

Scan & Verify Ticket With Google Spreadsheet.

Job Scheduler, Tracker & CRM

Manage Payments | Work Assigments | Analytics | Web + Mobile app.


Life is sports, sports is life !

Get in Touch

While working for my other assignments,
we can discuss on your requirement & deadline so that we can start work accordingly.

Contact Info

Sudarshan Vidhate
Call Availability : After 9 PM, India Standard Time
Phone :+91 9527 137 167
Email: sudarshanvidhate103@gmail.com